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Just as residential property is a major part of El Paso real estate, so are commercial properties. Our firm offers the same great residential selling services for commercial property owners in the Sun City. We use proven marketing methods and expertise to generate stellar buying offers for our clients.

We market your property through all commercial Multiple listing services websites that have a global reach such as loopnet, Crexi, Reonomy, Brevitas and Loopnet, Greater El Paso Association of Realtors (MLS), as well as specific targeted social media posts. In addition we use digital marketing campaigns as well as targeted presentations to users and past clients in our book of clients who specialize in your type of facility.

Our staff at Limelight Real Estate Group have spent years working with commercial property sellers in El Paso. In that time, we’ve worked with all kinds of commercial properties and clients, each time finding the best valuation and market strategy for success. When you work with our firm, you receive detail-oriented and driven service that gets results.

Finding Your Commercial Property’s Value

There are many factors involved when finding the value of a commercial property, and several different valuation systems as well. Some factors you can expect to be considered include the following:

  • Age of the property

  • Square footage of the property

  • General condition of the property

  • Recent additions/upgrades

  • Type of property (warehouse, office building, etc.)

  • Average operating income

  • Selling price of similar commercial property 

  • Location

  • Tax obligations


Depending on the property and what it is to be used for, different valuation criteria have to be used. For example, the valuation of a warehouse may be completely different than finding the value of a plaza. This is because many of the factors we listed may need to be weighted differently.

Having worked with all types of commercial property, our firm can pick the valuation system that most accurately calculates a fair market value. 

Preparing Your Commercial Property For Sale

When you’re ready to put your commercial property on the market, you have to make sure it is in the best position to get great offers. Luckily, the process to prepare commercial property for sale is very similar to the residential selling process. You can expect the following steps before your commercial property is ready for the market: 
  • Making the property presentable

  • Listing personal property vs. property included in sale

  • Calculating a fair value for the property

  • Collecting necessary documentation for the sale

  • Preparing photographs, property descriptions, and other marketing items 

Of course, our firm handles every step of the process for our clients so they can be confident about the process. We make sure everything is in place for your property to hit the market.

Our Commercial Buying Services

Instead of selling commercial property, are you looking to buy? Our firm can assist with that as well! Our staff can scour El Paso for listed and off-market commercial properties that fit your criteria. Whether you need to move, expand your business, or downsize, our firm can match you with the right commercial property. 

Our firm can also assist you if you want to lease commercial property for your business, or if you need specialty construction services as well. We truly work on all sides of commercial real estate, from building to buying! 

Looking for more information on the commercial selling or buying process? Call our firm today at (915)-275-4220 to speak directly with our experts!

Why Choose Limelight?

At Limelight, we believe the key to commercial real estate success is proper marketing, planning, and communication. From start to finish, our agents constantly communicate with our clients and give updates on the status of their sale. We also take care of planning and organizational tasks, like setting up meetings with potential buyers and gathering necessary paperwork. 

In terms of marketing, we employ a blend of time-tested strategies and cutting-edge technology to get the most eyes on your property. Physical flyers, emails, landing pages—we do everything we can to get high-quality offers for your commercial property.

Lastly, our firm isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to make a sale. We know how frustrating it can be to have property languish on the market, so we ensure your property hits the market in the best shape to succeed. 

Begin The Selling Process With Limelight!

Selling any real estate can be a complex process, especially for commercial and industrial property. Luckily, our firm has the experience and resources to put your property in a fantastic position to succeed. We know how to leverage technology, marketing, and real estate know-how to generate fantastic buying offers. 

Ready to begin the selling process for your commercial property? Simply give us a call to speak with an agent today!